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The Report

This brief descriptive report, together with the photos, sketch and calculations, forms a concise picture of the building:

Predominant ISO Construction Class:  2, Joisted Masonry.
Number of Stories:  one and two, plus partial basement.
Occupancy:  (occupancy briefly described here.)
Floor Structure:  concrete on ground and wood on wood joists.
Floor Covering:  carpet, vinyl tile, ceramic tile.
Ceiling:  suspended acoustic tile, plasterboard.
Interior Construction:  partially framed and masonry;  kitchen 
   hood/exhaust/extinguishing system.
Plumbing:  standard-quality fixtures.
Fire Protection:  fire detectors, hard-wired. 
Heating, Cooling:  warm and cool air.
Electrical:  no special features noted.
Roof Structure:  wood deck, supported by wood joists.
Roof Cover:  neoprene-hypalon. 
Quality of Upkeep and Maintenance:  good. 

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